“Ferngespräch” is a graphic novel published by Edition Moderne, August 2019.

"In einer winzigen Konstellation wird hier die ganze Welt erzählt, weil Armut, Migration, Geschlecht und Alter die bestimmenden Faktoren für das ganze Geschehen sind. Und das in einer grenz-, ja kontinenteübergreifenden Handlung. Aber Sheree Domingo moralisiert nie, sie lässt uns unsere eigenen Schlüsse auf der Grundlage knapp umrissener und desto interessanterer Schicksale ziehen. Das ist eine große Leistung für ein Comicdebüt." 
Andreas Platthaus, FAZ Blog
Set during the summer holidays in a German suburb, “Ferngespräch“ (“Long Distance Call”) is a comic about ageing, loneliness and isolation.
The three generational comic is based on the interwoven lives of a widowed elderly lady who is coming to terms with the loneliness that comes from living in a retirement home, the young Filipino nurse who tends her although her own mother is ailing in the Philippines and the nurse’s little daughter, who has to accompany her mother to work, instead of being on vacation like all the other children. For the young girl, the Philippines remain just as foreign as her grandmother and as the story unfolds, we watch how what she imagines her sick grandmother to be get oddly mixed up with the reality of the elderly she meets in the retirement home. Dreams and memories mingle amidst the three main characters as they face a common dilemma: the feeling of being in the wrong place.
Reading with soundtrack by Deswaldes at Modern Graphics Berlin, 30. Juni 2019
Video of the reading, recorded with Dewaldes during lockdown 2020.
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